Islam’s Long History of Targeting Europe

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Islam Versus Western Civilisation: Lessons From History
July 17, 2016

With almost daily Islamic terror attacks, Islam is certainly one of the most discussed news items of the day. An hour does not seem to go by in which Islam is not making headlines somewhere – usually for all the wrong reasons. What just took place in Nice, France is just one of the more obvious examples of this.

Thus we need to learn from history here. Anyone with even a basic understanding of Islam according to its own sources knows that this is an imperialistic political ideology. It is not so much evangelistic (as in getting souls saved), as expansionistic (as in taking over territory or geography).

Islam seeks to dominate the entire world, and it has been moving steadily in this direction throughout its 1400-year history. And its expansion has been primarily by the edge of the sword. Bloodshed, terror and murder are the basic tools of Islamic imperialism.

Thus what we have just seen in France of late is just more of the same. Three massive jihadist terror attacks in France in 18 months alone have shown us the true nature of intolerant and bloodthirsty Islam. And for those who know a bit about history, this is not the first time France has had to deal with murderous Islam.

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Islam’s Long History of Targeting Europe
July 18, 2016

Europe has always been a major target of Islam throughout its 1400-year history. What we see taking place today with jihadist attack in major European cities, Islamic no-go zones in many European locales, and creeping sharia, etc, demonstrates the ongoing Islamic invasion of Europe.

But this is nothing new, and two decisive battles in European history were crucial to keep the West Christian and civilised, while keeping Islam out. I just wrote about the Battle of Tours (732) which halted the Islamic advance into France and beyond.

The other key battle took place a millennium later. I refer to the equally strategic Battle of Vienna which took place on September 11-12, 1683. But again, let me offer a bit of pre-history to this key battle. While the Battle of Tours had kept the west of Europe safe from invading Islamic hordes, the east was still under threat.

Indeed, the fall of Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire took place 200 years earlier. On May 29, 1453 the Ottoman (Muslim) Turks with a vastly larger army took the city. We know the city today as Istanbul in Muslim Turkey.

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