It Ain’t Over In Mississippi

From Bryan Fisher:

Evidence is emerging that there may be hundreds and perhaps thousands of improperly cast ballots in the runoff election in Mississippi between incumbent Thad Cochran and challenger Chris McDaniel.

Jim Hoft reports at Gateway Pundit that in Hinds County alone 800 ballots have been identified that may have been improperly cast for Cochran. And he provides the photographic evidence to support the claim.

Under Mississippi law, voters were allowed to vote in either the Democratic primary or Republican primary on June 3, but voters who participated in the Democratic primary were disallowed from voting in the June 24 Republican runoff.

Any Democrat who voted in the Democratic primary on June 3 was ineligible to vote for Sen. Cochran on June 24. Hoft reproduces photographs of the Hinds County Democratic roll book that clearly shows that some Democratic voters who voted on June 3 in the Democratic primary also voted on June 24. By law, no such votes should count.

McDaniel’s camp has reason to suspect voter irregularities in at least 10 counties. Some of this may be malicious, and some of course may be inadvertent. Turnout in the afternoon and early evening was apparently quite high in some of these counties, Hinds in particular, and it’s easy to imagine that poll workers may have gotten careless while trying to manage the crush.

Hoft also reports that Cochran’s campaign is urging counties to delay certification of election results until the last possible moment to give McDaniel’s camp as little time as possible to examine the poll books to determine whether an official legal challenge is warranted.

Establishment Republicans turned out 35,000 Democrat voters to pull the lever for Cochran. If just 20% of these ballots were improperly cast – not out of the realm of possibility – then a new election must be called.

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