Jews Are Hated Because They Are a Special People

From Dr. Don Boys at

During the Middle Ages political and religious leaders were not principled in their treatment of Jews. Rather than being known for principle, they were often known for plunder and persecution and prosecution, even pogroms of innocent people. And, of course, their mistreatment was not representative of genuine Christianity. Jews were forced to convert to Christianity in Constantinople (of course it takes faith not force or fraud to produce a Christian), were forced out of Italy, and were driven from what is now Belgium. They could only return if they contritely confessed their guilt for killing Christ.

Of course, the Crusades were a dark, dismal, and decadent episode that ostensibly was to take Jerusalem and the Holy Land away from the “Muslim infidels,” but the “Christian” crusaders butchered thousands of Jews during their extended Holy Land tour. The Catholic Church tried to drive infidel Muslims and Jews into Heaven with a bloody sword; however, force never made a real convert–only faith does that.

France sure increased their “bottom line” in the 12th century when they expelled all Jews from the land and confiscated their land and houses. They were “kind” enough to permit them to sell anything that was moveable. England seized Jewish possessions and some of their homes were burned.

Another dark period began in 1229 when the Spanish Inquisition was authorized by Pope Innocent (!) IV permitting torture of Jews and non-Roman Catholic Christians. Later, 16,000 Jews were banished from England.

At the beginning of the 14th century, France forced 100,000 Jews from the nation (after expelling them about 300 years earlier then permitting them to emigrate again. The “Christian” leaders of France permitted the Jews to take food for one day and the clothes on their backs.

When the Black Death lashed the face of Europe, Jews were accused of spreading the plague by poisoning drinking wells; consequently more than 5,000 Jews were burned at the stake. As the night sky was ablaze in European cities the plague continued to ravage nation after nation.

In 1492, Jews in Spain were given three choices by “Christian” Ferdinand and Isabella: they could be baptized, banished, or butchered. About 300,000 Jews fled the nation without a peso in their pockets. Hatred and bigotry flowed through the streets of European cities like hot lava.

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