Katie Pavlich: GOP Has Bungled ‘War on Women’ Charges

Chris Woodward at OneNewsNow.com writes that conservative author and columnist Katie Pavlich says Republicans have done a poor job at responding to accusations they are waging a “war on women.”

Katie Pavlich is news editor at Townhall.com and author of the newly released Assault and Flattery: The Truth About The Left and Their War on Women. She says Democrats are hypocrites when it comes to women’s rights, but Republicans have done a bad job at fighting back against their claims.

In a recent interview on American Family Radio’s “Today’s Issues,” Pavlich offered up the 2012 election as a good example.

“Republicans give the American electorate more credit I think than they deserve when it comes to types of issues that they don’t want to talk about,” says the columnist. “[In 2012] they essentially thought that the war on women was silly – that talking about contraception bans was a silly argument and it was beneath the public conversation.

Pavlich says that young, single women are voting for leftist candidates because “they’ve never heard the other side.”

“The only side that they’re getting is one that comes through the education system – and that comes through their women’s studies programs and the women’s groups on campus.”

Pavlich says more Republicans and Republican women need to stand up and make their voices heard, delivering the other side of the argument to allow women to see all sides.

Let me express my thanks to Chris Woodward and Katie Pavlich for helping make my case that Republicans and conservatives are losing the information war because they’re not fighting it in a serious way, preferring micro communications to macro.