Knowing the truth doesn’t make us ‘intolerant’: Pope Benedict XVI

Say what you want about the Catholic Church, this pope and the last one have understood clearly the difference between right and wrong. From LifeSiteNow:

In our times the “idea of truth and that of intolerance are almost completely fused,” so that anyone claiming to possess an immutable truth is automatically accused and dismissed, Pope Benedict XVI said last week.

“We fear being bound by rules that hinder our freedom and the newness of life.”

“Which of us would dare to rejoice in the truth that we have been given? The question immediately arises: but how can one have the truth? This is intolerance! Today the idea of truth and that of intolerance are almost completely fused, and so we no longer dare to believe in the truth or to speak of the truth,” Benedict said.

He said that Catholics have lost the confidence that their faith has been given to them by God. In the Catholic Church of our times, the pope said, “we are precisely at that impasse in which we see in the Church only what we ourselves have made, and our joy in the faith is marred; that we no longer believe” that the truths of the faith were given by God “for an upright life.”

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