Krauthammer: I Was Wrong for Laughing at Trump… Democrats Are Worried

From Jim Hoft:

Charles Krauthammer finally admitted tonight that he was wrong when he laughing at Donald Trump six months ago. The FOX News pundit has been one of Donald Trump’s leading GOP Beltway detractors.

Krauthammer: “He’s demonstrated the ability to bring out people who aren’t regular voters, aren’t regular Republicans, and he could alter the map. I think Democrats who thought six months ago, who thought he was a joke, I thought he was a joke for a nominee for the Republican Party, and a lot of people thought as well. We were all wrong. So he has a capacity to appeal. So we have no way of knowing. But I do think Democrats are beginning to think that this is not a slam dunk and this guy he doesn’t play by the rules. He makes them up. And under a new set of rules she could lose to him.”

Editor’s note — the video wasn’t linked at this page when I visited it — it might be up by now.