Limbaugh: ‘what is Planned Parenthood if not a death squad?’

Way to go Rush! From LifeSiteNews:

Radio host Rush Limbaugh this week said that Democrats should take a harder look at their own sources of funding before they criticize the GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney for making his fortune as co-founder of asset management firm Bain Capital.

“So they say now in the Huffington Post that Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, way way back when it was originally founded, was seeded with money from Latin America deaths quads,” said the conservative radio guru August 8. “Well let me ask you a question. What’s the difference in that and the Democrats being underwritten by Planned Parenthood and NARAL?”

“If they’re not death squads, I don’t know what is. How many abortions every year, 1.73 million or something? … What do you call Planned Parenthood if that’s not a death squad? And who – plenty can object, but who can disagree?”

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