Losing What Reagan Won

Here is Bruce Walker writing at American Thinker:

As Americans consider who ought to lead us out of the despair of Obama’s misrule, we ought to go back twenty-five years. That was when the fruits of Ronald Reagan’s crusade against Communism gave us a world that ought to have produced peace and prosperity leading, over time, to more freedom and more hope for all mankind. George H. Bush was president, but the fight had been waged and won by Reagan, one of the few who saw that the Evil Empire could be defeated without firing a shot.

The Warsaw Pact began disintegrating in early 1989, and the nations within the Soviet Union, beginning with the Baltic States, peeled off the Great Russian hegemony of the Soviet Union beginning in January 1991. Before the end of 1991, the Soviet Union itself would completely dissolve.

American military power exercised in Desert Storm showed what had been obvious except to doctrinaire anti-American leftists since Vietnam: America can easily win any way it decides to win, and do so with almost no loss of life at all. Overwhelming victory in Desert Storm, along with the end of the Warsaw Pact, showed the Russians that all the sacrifices made to compete in a global cold war with America were worse than wasted.

Reagan inherited an America as wretched as America is today. Carter no more feared communism than Obama fears radical Islam. Carter preached austerity as blithely as Obama’s flacks soothingly tell Americans that we are really in good shape economically. Carter, like Obama, leaves an America despondent and unsure. What will the next president, as the revitalizer of our nation, need to do? What did Reagan do?

First, we must call our evil enemies “evil.” This is not a question of being smarter or winning or showing finesse. This is straightforward moral courage. This means, also, identifying the greatest victims of this evil, the wretched people forced to live in the lands these control. The Poles, the Balts, the Czechs, and all the other victims of Soviet Communist tyranny became our best allies.

Third, we must reclaim the mantle of Judeo-Christian superiority. It was not “religion” that defeated the Soviets (after all, Marxism is nothing if not a religion itself) – it was showing which moral system deserved to win the Cold War. If we are ashamed to say that the religions and moral systems of Jews and Christians are better than radical Islam, then how can we win? Moreover, we are building our battle plans upon lies, because the religions of Jews and Christians are, quite clearly, better than Marxism and better than radical Islam.

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Image credit: The Reagan Library.