Mark Levin Interviews Allen West and Donald Trump

Author and radio talk show host Mark Levin continues to do fantastic work — both in his writing (I’ve purchased his new book and will start it soon), and on his radio show. Below are two interviews worthy of your time.

First, Allen West:

Allen West joins Mark Levin to discuss the Iran Nuclear Deal and President Obama:

Iran is responsible for twenty percent of the deaths of American men and women in Iran. Due to these explosive force penetrators that they supply to the terrorist. Obama is awarding money to a country, that right now, has seen at least 500 Americans be buried in our soil. ~ Allen West

Next, Donald Trump:

Mark Levin interviewed Donald Trump, giving Trump a chance to answer questions across the gamut, from income taxes to foreign policy. The most interesting question I think came close to the end when Levin asked him what conservatism means to him.

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