Marriage Sanity in France

CultureWatchHere are two more excellent articles from Bill Muehlenberg. I love this first one — as someone who never has been a France-basher I admit to enjoying a sense of satisfaction:

Marriage Sanity in France

When a million people march in support of traditional marriage, and against homosexual marriage, you know there may yet be hope for Western civilisation. And when this protest takes place in a nation known for its secularism, leftism and radicalism, then we really do have hope.

The new French government has been hell-bent on ramming homosexual marriage down the throats of everyone, whether they like it or not. But hundreds of thousands of French men, women and children are telling the government to leave marriage alone.

Late last year over 100,000 of them marched in protest, and on Sunday as many as a million marched! I discussed the December march here.

Those are terrific numbers, and it seems there is a growing tide of opposition to the social engineers currently ruling the nation. One report says this about the march: “As many as a million protesters descended upon Paris from every corner of France today to demonstrate their opposition to the Socialist government’s plans to introduce same-sex civil marriage.

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The War Against Faith and Family Continues Unabated

It may be a new year, but it’s the same old same old when it comes to the militant homosexual assault on family, faith and freedom. Their ongoing war has not eased up the slightest over the Christmas and New Year break, but is going ahead full steam.

The militants will not rest until every last bit of resistance to their agenda is utterly stamped out, and anyone who dares to oppose them is imprisoned, fined, or kicked out of their job. And we have plenty more examples of these very things just in the past week or so.

Let me offer just three of these recent cases. They are taking place all around the Western world and are all very frightening examples of how the gaystapo are targeting all those who would remain true to their own consciences, values and beliefs. And liberties are falling fast as a result.

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