Matt Barber on Teri O’Brien Show: MLK Jr. & Same Sex Marriage (Audio)

Teri O’Brien is the founder of Informed America Radio, dedicated to pushing back the frontiers of ignorance 24/7. Informed America Radio’s flagship program is The Teri O’Brien Show, which debuted on Chicago’s radio home for Rush Limbaugh, the Big 89, WLS, in March, 2003.

Her latest project is a new podcast, “Dangerous Thinkers with Teri O’Brien,”featuring interviews with fearless people who challenge the conventional wisdom, people like Prof. Walter E. Williams, Prof. Carol Swain, Journalist/Author Sharyl Attkisson, Mediaite’s Joe Wulfsohn, NFL Great/Author Burgess Owens, Author/Activist Taleeb Starkes, legendary attorney Alan Dershowitz and Historian/Author Victor Davis Hanson, with new interviews added weekly.

Teri hosted Founder Matt Barber this last Sunday, 11 November 2017, to discuss Rev. (Dr.) Martin Luther King, Jr., and traditional marriage versus the push for same-sex marriage. The culture at large attempts to make the case that “marriage equality” is the same thing as the fight for equal rights for all RACES within the United States.

Matt puts that notion to rest!

A good friend of mine, the late Pastor Ken Hutcherson, out in Seattle, a big burly, African-American, former NFL football player, and unfortunately we lost him a couple years ago to cancer. But, he used to put it this way, he’d say, “Don’t compare your SIN to my SKIN!”

And I thought that that was pretty profound.

Yea…Martin Luther King, Jr., isn’t it funny how the left conveniently forgets that he was a pastor! He was a Bible believing Christian. And unequivocally the Holy Scriptures, the Bible condemns homosexual behavior as sinful behavior.