Max Boot’s ‘GOP is the White Nationalist Party’ Smear

It is my contention that guys like Max Boot are driven nuts by a steady diet of misinformation and fake news — combined with going to the wrong cocktail parties in Washington, D.C. Here is Matthew Vadum writing at Front Page Mag:

A pseudo-conservative blogger joins the Left’s camp of hate.

Pseudo-conservative Foreign Policy blogger Max Boot is making the outrageous claim that the entire Republican Party has been taken over by a dangerous racist fringe.

Boot’s insane argument rests on one core contention: that because Republicans tolerate, even like, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), a patriot and a truly courageous conservative champion, their party has therefore fallen into the hands of white nationalists. The fact that King isn’t actually a white nationalist or a racist, which is the real thing Boot is accusing the lawmaker of, in no way hinders the writer from making his pitch.

Nor does the unbalanced Boot make any effort to define the term “white nationalism,” presumably because being limited to a rigid definition would make the smear less marketable. Boot’s working definition for the expression appears to approximate, “anything of which I don’t approve.”

Even worse, according to Boot, is the supposed fact that King is similar to President Trump, whom Boot has described as the “No. 1 security threat to the United States today.” He claimed America’s enemies would be emboldened by a Trump presidency. The fact that Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea are now squirming with Trump in the Oval Office proves Boot wrong.

Reflecting the view of left-wing coastal elites, he described Trump last year as “the most radical and most ignorant major-party presidential candidate in our history.”

Which must be why employment is picking up, consumer confidence is surging, and the stock market is going gangbusters.

Boot is certainly not an apologist for Muslim terrorism but he accepts many of the arguments made by those who do make excuses for it. He pushes the same smears and “Islamophobia” nonsense that the Left habitually deploys, treating Americans’ legitimate concerns about Islam and Muslim immigrants to the country as manifestations of hateful racist bigotry. In at least that way, Boot’s writings bear more than a passing resemblance to those of the arch Israel-hater Max Blumenthal.

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