The Media Keeps Airbrushing Democrats Like Debbie Wasserman Schultz

This is terribly funny — and what a great parallel for what the liberal media does with the liberal policy record. Writing at The Federalist, Amy Otto gives an example of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s arrogance, then notes that DWS was “booed roundly by her own party after being forced to resign when a pack of leaked emails indicated she and other DNC officials had tipped the scales for Hillary Clinton’s primary opponent, Bernie Sanders.”

Who could blame her for that long streak of unearned arrogance, when the media has been doing her heavy lifting for years? Wasserman Schultz has hardly been a congenial face for the DNC or a particularly popular one. Let’s rewind to 2012 to see how Voguepackaged her for general consumption.

That woman in the photos bears little resemblance to DWS, but Vogue wasn’t just airbrushing her photos. They were doing what the entire media has been doing: packaging a whole image that simply does not hold up once you look closely. This woman worked to disenfranchise large swaths of progressive voters at the behest of Hillary Clinton.

Her removal from her DNC position is as superficial as the Vogue photo shoot. She’s moving on to work directly for Hillary Clinton, which is pretty much what she was doing before she made it official. This story will fall off the front pages before Hillary steps on the stage at the convention, especially given that the airbrushing works both ways, with reporters giving their articles to the DNC to approve pre-publication.

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Image credit: Inter-American Dialogue / Flickr.