Midwest Groundcovers’ founder Peter Orum: “Illinois used to be a good place for business”

From noprogressivetax.com:

The company Peter Orum and his wife Irma started in 1969 now employs 300 people during Chicagoland’s growing season. The Orums planted Midwest Groundcovers’ roots into five acres in St. Charles, Illinois. 51 years later, they’ve expanded to 700 acres in Illinois and Michigan.

“We can’t pick up our business easily. This is why Illinois’ political climate is a big problem for us,” Orum said. Midwest Groundcovers demands the very soil on which it exists, and the vast majority of it is in Illinois. “We can’t just pack up, load up and leave …”

Peter Orum came to America in the 1960s to pursue a dream, just as millions of other immigrants. He was born in Denmark into a family with a small nursery business where he learned naturally about plants, soil, and gardening.

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