More Petraeus Punishment Looms, Hillary Evades Scrutiny

From the Patriot Post:

Defense Secretary Ash Carter is weighing whether to add to retired General David Petraeus’s punishment for the latter’s confessed mishandling of classified information. The Pentagon could demote Petraeus, stripping him of one of his four stars — a move that could cost Petraeus not only hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost pension money but deal yet another blow to his once-sterling reputation as one of the most brilliant military men of this generation. His “surge” saved Iraq — until Barack Obama abandoned it. According to The Daily Beast’s initial report, Carter is seeking to “to send a message that even men of Petraeus’s fame and esteemed reputation are not immune to punishment.” But it’s more likely the Obama administration leveling retribution for a commander who has criticized Obama’s strategy. As Investor’s Business Dailyput it, “The real goal is a Chicago-style warning flare to any retiring military to keep your mouth shut. And don’t testify before the Benghazi committee, as Petraeus just did.”

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