My Continuing Argument: Republicans and Conservatives Ignore Information War at Their Own Peril

So many of the articles I’ve written over the years about the information war have been so easy to understand — yet somehow the political and commentary wizards fail to grasp my point anyway. It isn’t that I haven’t given them the chance to understand — I’ve been repetitive almost to a fault.

But when Republicans and conservatives cannot yet grasp what the alphabet is, how are they going to learn how to use words and create sentences and eventually paragraphs?

That’s harsh, but too bad.

Just a few recent headlines underscore the ugly reality (the question remains, what are Republicans and conservatives going to do about it?):

Propaganda: The Bread and Butter of the Progressive Left
I’ve just googled “Russian collusion” and come up with 24 million results. This despite the fact that no credible evidence exists of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian agents. How is it possible that nearly 60% of Americans doubt the president’s innocence when the Special Counsel himself has come up with no proof of collusion? The answer is propaganda.

Fake News and the Narrative
The recent BuzzFeed and Covington High School kids news stories, in tandem, demonstrate irrefutably that the media are manifestly biased, incorrigible, and beyond redemption. Journalists now view their role not as objective reporters of the news, but as storytellers. And for the media, what must be told is The Narrative.

23 Million Americans Feed at the Leftmedia Trough Every Night
Insanely high Leftmedia bias is still the spearhead of the Democrat #Resistance.