Nike’s Betsy Ross Flag Freak-Out Shows Moral Inconsistency of Left

By Jarrett Stepman:

Being logically consistent doesn’t seem to be a problem for Kaepernick and Nike.

If the flag is offensive because it existed during “an era of slavery,” then we can certainly apply that view to the modern American flag, too, since it is based on the design of the Betsy Ross flag.

And, if we’re really digging deep here, isn’t Nike and its logo also offensive given that the name of the company is based on the Greek goddess of victory, which was most certainly created in “an era of slavery”?

Nike’s adherence to political correctness is all the more absurd considering that it also kowtows to autocratic regimes that perpetrate modern human rights abuses.

In the same week that Nike buried the Betsy Ross sneaker, the company pulled products in China made by designer Jun Takahashi after he expressed support for the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests.

Nike said it ditched the products “based on feedback from Chinese consumers.” Of course, in Communist China, public opinion is highly controlled by the state.

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