We Have Not Lost Our Country

Embedded below is the video of Donald Trump’s victory speech from last night — and today Rush Limbaugh captured the sentiments of so many Americans when he opened his show with this:

Man, there is so much to say. There are so many vibrantly great feelings to share. We have not lost our country. It might even be fair to say we really weren’t even that — well, we are close, we’re close. But we have not lost the country. We learned also that it was not necessary to go through these past eight years. I don’t want to rewrite history, but my point here is that the Democrats can be beat if they are approached in the right way.

One of the problems that we have had to endure as voters and as citizens is that our party has not believed that. Our party has not believed the Democrats can be beat, and Donald Trump has shown how to do it. It took a political outsider, somebody with no fingerprints on anything to do with the way Washington works, quote, unquote, demonstrates how you beat an opposing political party.

How many times I’ve shared this story with you. I’ve had Mitt Romney come to my studio. I’ve had Rand Paul come to my studio. I’ve had Republican presidential candidate after candidate come to this studio and talk to me about their campaign, their ideas, how they want to go about winning, and each one of them, I’ve not mentioned all the names, it’s not important. They all believe it and they all told me, “We can’t win, Rush, with Republican votes alone.”

And I look at them, “What do you mean we can’t win with Republican –”

“We have got to be able to cross the aisle, and we have got to be able to engage in group politics.”

“No, no,” I said, “You guys are going about this the wrong way. All you need to do is approach the American people as citizens, as the American people. To hell with what group they’re in. We’re human beings. We all want the best for ourselves and for our country.”

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