On 3000

I can’t say it any better than Matt Barber in his “editor’s note”:

[Editor’s note: Everyone at BarbWire would like to congratulate Bill Muehlenberg on this amazing milestone. We are both blessed and honored to have him as one of our most prolific and insightful contributors. Among many other things, Bill’s grasp of the biblical worldview and his unique, entertaining and clear way of communicating God’s truths make him an invaluable warrior in the raging global culture war. Bill is a bold and committed servant of Christ and an example for us all to follow. – Matt Barber]

By Bill Muehlenberg

So, when’s the last time you wrote four million words? If you were to ask me that, I would have to say, “Well, in the past decade or so”. For good or ill, that is exactly what I have done. My 3000th article has just appeared on CultureWatch, and that means a whole lotta writing has been going on.

OK, so let’s get the math out of the way first. I am guessing, but my average article length may be 1300 words. So that means we have here 3.9 million words. Alright, round it off to a tidy four mil. Not bad work I suppose for just an ordinary Joe.

I posted my first article on my website April 5, 2006, and today I posted article number 3000. True, there were some older articles which I posted and backdated, so we are talking more than just eight years here. But the great bulk of these pieces would have been written during that period.

There are 70 different subject headings on my site. Some topics get a regular run, while others get less attention. There are over 500 articles dealing with Christian apologetics. There are nearly 600 articles dealing with Christian theology. Sermons and devotionals comprise almost 400 of the pieces.

Some specific areas within those categories warrant special attention. New developments which are of concern thus get a fair look at. Pieces on the emerging church amount to 33, while articles assessing and critiquing the health and wealth gospel number 46.

Some issues are of course mega-topics given how seriously they impact on things like faith, freedom and family. Thus the homosexual issue is covered in over 500 articles. And I make no apologies for this whatsoever. The simple truth is, the homosexual juggernaut is one of the most serious ethical, social, cultural, political, legislative, and spiritual problems facing us in the West today.

It is of course not the only threat we face, but it is a major one. Islam is another such threat. I believe that Geert Wilders was quite right to state that Islam is the Communism of today. Just as godless Communism was hell bent on taking over the world, slaughtering millions along the way, so too is Islam.

That is why I have penned well over 300 articles on Islam, totaling some 400,000 words. This is a key area which we must be fully aware about, and since the lamestream media is hardly giving us any truth about Islam, then sites like this must fill in the gaps.

And there are well over 1000 articles on ethical issues of all sorts. Also, for book lovers, I have over 400 book reviews on all sorts of topics. It is clear that there is certainly no shortage of things to write about. As long as there are things happening in the world, I will continue to write about them.

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