On Education



Vouchers Work In Florida, and They'll Work Here

Which candidates understand that taxpayers can't afford the status quo in education?

Budget blueprint for New York State calls for cuts in Education spending




Silence from the education “professionals” speaks volumes

No holds barred education reform

Obama the university administrator; and spotlighting higher education

Reforming education and health care so citizens are in charge

We need school reform debated with the same intensity as health care reform

School Reform, competition, and the role of incentives 

Government control of health care – and K-12 education

Amateurs, professionals, teacher unions and strikes

The warehousing of public school students

Jim Edgar and Bill Daley know nothing about school reform

Education reform: The cultural tip of the iceberg




Reformers needed to run for local school boards

Comparing American automakers with public schools

It's dumb to delegate the education of children to the public schools

School Boards mostly shirk their duty to demand reform

The “our schools are just fine” myth

How “education experts” keep out reform minded parents

Democrats and the public school establishment are not going to fix Illinois' public schools

Politicians & press continue to distort education funding, ignore accountability and transparency

Public school economics

Teacher unions are still the problem

The story of Jersey County: How education bureaucrats ignore the will of the voters

School funding, rankings, and choice

An early test for a governor wannabe

Another issue for Republicans: the problem with public sector unions

Politics, Markets and America's Schools

Education policy: left v. right, Sen. Obama v. Gov. Jindah

How to increase your pay 20 percent in just three years

Disincentives for real school reform

Twenty-five years after “A Nation At Risk”

End of session taxing decisions and the School Accountability Project

The failure of American public schools

Real value in trusting parents and in school choice

HB750: Another year older and deeper in malarky

HB750, Funding, and The Money Myth

Education Reform & School Funding




LaBarbera: “Day of Silence is Educational Malpractice”

The myth of the underpaid teacher

No taxpayer left behind



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