On Leadership and Political Communication

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Quotes about the importance of shaping public opinion


Political consultants continue to doom the Republican Party

How to win the 8th Congressional District


Counterinsurgency: An operations manual conservatives

Modern political communications

Political troops, energy and action

Resurgence is possible with new generals and an updated field manual


Raiders of the Lost Ark

In search of political magic fairy dust (Part 1)

In search of political magic fairy dust (Part 2)

In search of political magic fairy dust (Part 3)

Wimpy conservatives need to toughen up for the fight


The dumbest generation?

Psychoanalyzing conservative elected officials


It’s High Noon again for Republican state legislators

It’s time for a new generation of leaders in the Republican Party

A lot of work will be required to regain lost ground

Political power: Use it or lose it


A Sherman-like warning needed for Republicans

Republican money, metrics, and lines of communication

GOP dominated by political socialites instead of public opinion leaders

Political battlefields to reach the middle third

Now hiring political fighters

Self government and a republic in name only


Beyond commentary and analysis and getting to the cure

The GOP’s problems extend well beyond Hastert’s old district

A GOP civic and political culture reformation is required

Republican failures make a renaissance necessary


Why we need Republican elected officials in the fight

Palin v. Biden and the opportunities of a vice presidential debate

Preparing Sarah Palin: First, fire all the consultants


Wanted: People with the ability to lead

Fixing the failure of our Republican politicians

Republicans continue to fail in their duty to sell

It’s not complicated, but Republican leaders still don’t get it


Horse and buggy legislators – The Last Hurrah

Republican leaders need to come out of the wilderness

Elected Republicans are failing on the big issues

Voters know our leaders aren’t getting the job done


Where the Power is and What is Needed

Political realism, change, and reform

Want change and reform? Personnel is policy

Public opinion and political organization


Our Hastert-led IL Republican Congressional delegation has failed us

The wasted Congressional bully pulpit

Gen. Petraeus and Amb. Crocker help the IL GOP Cong. delegation do its job

Republicans who won’t lead on Iraq War debate can’t lead on other issues


All Politics is NOT Local

“All politics is marketing”

What the political class doesn’t want to do but better start

What’s politically possible won’t change as long as Republican politicians “don’t like to think”

What elected Republicans owe for that ballot line


History, harsh politics, and tough words

Honey and vinegar and reality politics

Republicans don’t understand how to get to a good compromise on policy issues

Illinois GOP members of congress and the health care debate

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