On Politics and Citizenship

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What So Proudly We Hail: Making American citizens through literature

And here’s an excellent post by Michelle Malkin:

Rescuing citizenship and civic virtue


The Untold Story of History: Political Psychopaths – Part 1

The Untold Story of History: Political Psychopaths – Part 2

The Untold Story of History: Political Psychopaths – Part 3


It’s up to us (those who can do math and understand morality)

Citizens in name only

Self government and a republic in name only

A quick review of Illinois and national Republican failures of the past decade

Questioning the capacity of Republican primary voters

Political I.Q.: Intelligence and athletic ability

Political I.Q.: We’ll drop the social issues when the political left forfeits


Concerns from a new Illinois Republican Precinct Committeeman (Part 1)   (Part 2)   (Part 3)

Holding people accountable is an ugly process

The historic health care drama and 15 lost years

Marco Rubio Republicans

Local GOP orgs could help stop government controlled health care

Grassroots means YOU

With or without the help of your local GOP, there are things you can do

Where to find life for a new Republican Party

Today’s political communication needs parallel WWII munitions production


Surge USA: You no longer have an excuse to sit on the sidelines

Surge USA and the necessary political Counterinsurgency

Why you should buy and read Glenn Beck’s book “Common Sense” (Part 1)     (Part 2)

AP headline: “Rep. Kirk still weighing 2010 election options”

The 24% Illinois Republican Party (Part 1)   (Part 2)

School Board elections and the joke that is the IL GOP

The GOP and school board elections

SB600 and “Who is the Republican Party?”

After the “Tea Party,” please get involved in the GOP (Part 1)   (Part 2)

Rank-and-file Republicans need to toss out their incompetent party leaders

Direct Elections, mass media, and moolah

Direct Elections: Conservatives need to tear down the wall

If we had a GOP, we wouldn’t have a President BHO

Fiscal sanity: Why Republican Party leadership matters

Marriage and morality: Why Republican Party leadership matters

Abortion and ethics: Why Republican Party leadership matters

Direct Elections: A reform to regain political confidence

Direct Elections: GOP candidates for governor looking to fly without a plane

Support for Direct Elections is now a litmus test

Improving talk radio and mustering an army (Part 1)   (Part 2)   (Part 3)


Suggested New Year’s resolution for “activists”: Start fighting

Suggested New Year’s resolution for “activists”: Stop enabling

Illinois Democrats strengthened, not weakened, by Blago’s arrest

Post election analysis that doesn’t highlight your responsibility falls short

We the people…need reformers

Who in the GOP state senate caucus voted for Radogno?

Radogno and Cross to lead General Assembly Republicans to new depths

Will Illinois Republican state legislators finally begin to lead?

A word (again) about the state legislative Republican leadership

The good news: “No we can’t” make big government work

It’s time for a new generation of leaders in the Republican Party

WIND radio’s Dennis Miller speaks his mind about Obama

Active public oversight solves the problem of too much delegation

Local control and the problem of democratic delegation

Voters know our leaders aren’t getting the job done

Big Irony: An indicted or impeached Blagojevich doesn’t help a visionless IL GOP

Wanted: People with the ability to lead

Republicans should have reformed the financial system wrongly built on Democratic policies

Business “leaders” aim to revive Illinois GOP

We’re still right: the Illinois GOP leadership needs to resign

The Stockdale Paradox

Now hiring political fighters

Notes on a Speech by Newt Gingrich  (The first of four linked parts.)

Remembering what we’re for

How to win the 8th Congressional District

Political consultants continue to doom the Republican Party

Illinois General Assembly Republicans: 760 years of experience working for you

Eliot Spitzer and “Springfield wives” (yes, Springfield, Illinois)


Candidate vetting for dummies

Republican politicians need to prove they’re not insane

McKenna, Watson, and Cross versus the 10,000

Stockholm Syndrome and the Illinois Republican activist community

Salvo Magazine is a welcome addition to the front lines of the culture war

You can’t win public opinion without fighting for it

You can’t limit government if you don’t exercise oversight

Political paternalism versus personal responsibility

Why we need action from citizens on behalf of school reform

School reform: An outline for action


Winning in the big leagues, losing in the little leagues

Another third party effort that will fail

The sad truth: Most General Assembly Republicans love big government

Spotlighting political uselessness

The Illinois GOP’s State of Confusion

Edgar and Brady help give Rod a second term


Karl Rove: King Hack

On the passing and presidency of Ronald Reagan

The Denny Hastert Predicament

What to know about the modern IL GOP

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