Opportunity for All, Favoritism to None

The Heritage Foundation has just published another excellent outline of how the country must change direction, and here is the first part of the foreward by Heritage’s president Jim DeMint:

It is widely acknowledged among Americans of all political backgrounds that there exists—and has existed for some time—a corruption of the public and private sectors which touches nearly every aspect of law and regulation, serving to enrich the well-connected and immunize them from the consequences of their actions.

The only disagreement is where the fault lies. There are those who rail against the favored status of Big Business, and there are those who despise the suffocating grip of the special interests—from green energy to Big Labor—rendered protected classes by Big Government. Both sides have legitimate grievances.

In fact, it is the collusion between Big Government and the other Bigs which insulates the powerful and enriches the wealthy, while squeezing regular people out of the American dream.

For decades, each new scandal of private sector malfeasance has been met with demands for increased oversight by government. In many cases, these demands are actually made by the leading banks, manufacturers, exporters, and technology giants themselves; they assist Washington in crafting a regulatory machine which ensconces them in protection from competition, under the guise of promoting sunshine and honesty.

The Heritage Foundation is giving notice to those who use the law as profiteers, whether they walk the halls of Congress or Wall Street, who have bent the greatest institutions of the common good to serve their own ends. Our rallying cry: Opportunity for All, but Favoritism to None.

We expect a hard fight. Those who tilt the rules of the marketplace to their advantage, be they businesses seeking an edge over competition or politicians pandering for campaign contributions and votes, always find excuses to maintain the status quo. After all, no politician ever sells a bad law to his fellow citizens without inventing a reason why it’s in their best interests.

The policy solutions contained within this book envision an America where the sweetheart deals are shattered and the smoke filled rooms are blown clear.

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