Our degenerate media

We do have a degenerate media — here is Patricia McCarthy:

The behavior of our national media over the past two and a half years has been contemptible. We know now that, in conjunction with the Democratic Party, they colluded to bring down the Republican candidate for president and to ensure a Clinton victory, despite her many years of criminal behavior. When that candidate won, they conspired to see him impeached. The Obama-weaponized FBI, DOJ, and CIA broke nearly every law on the books in their effort to destroy Donald Trump. They have failed every step of the way but have not given up. They continue to demean themselves.

This past weekend was a two-fer. The fake BuzzFeed story that should have been dismissed out of hand was gleefully embraced by every pundit on every news outlet. They could not contain their joy at yet another “bombshell” that would lead to impeachment. Only Fox held back for confirmation. When Mueller’s office released a statement that “the BuzzFeed story was inaccurate,” they were devastated.

Next came the wholesale sliming of a group of Catholic schoolboys who did nothing but gather to wait for their bus after marching in the pro-life rally. As they were verbally but viciously attacked by a group of black Hebrew Israelites, a black supremacy cult, with a string of profane, disgusting taunts in hopes of a response, an American Indian activist with a dodgy past got in their faces while banging his drum. The short video clip that was released at first brought about an unending stream of execrable responses and tweets by people who should know better. And the verbal attacks were not limited to the usual suspects on the left. Plenty of NeverTrumps weighed in as well, thoroughly humiliating themselves. The truth of the incident was quite the opposite of what they had chosen to see and make of it.

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