Paraphilia Postscript: The Transgenderism Propaganda Onslaught

Last week we featured transgenderism as our paraphilia of the day, and since then several articles have come to my attention on the topic. I’ll grant that there is much more to write on this subject since those pushing its normalization keep coming up with new reasons for everyone to treat this paraphilia like the rest of the paraphilias represented by the letters LGBT(OMGWTFBBQ).

Links to three of those articles are below, but first, here’s Chad Felix Greene writing at American Thinker:

We live in a place and time where an individual can identify how they choose and obtain access to complete physical alteration to any level of their choosing. A person is absolutely free to transform himself into whatever he likes. But expecting the rest of us to feel shame over recognizing the distinction between their actions and normal reality is absurd. It is not wrong for a man to be uncomfortable dating a person who was born male but now physically resembles a female. When looking at violence we see it as a result of discovery rather than targeting. There is a sense of intentional dishonesty and trickery when a man presents himself as a woman in order to obtain the physical or emotional affection of another man. Even with sympathy to the personal experience of a person who genuinely wishes to be the opposite gender, it is not a “phobia” to be uncomfortable with or disapprove of it.

Unfortunately the Transgendered movement has taken the route all angry, irrational liberals take and actively bullies and shouts in outrage over the slightest offense they choose to experience. The Psychological authority is biased and motivated by political agenda rather than honest evaluation. The significant emotional damage and social distress of Transgendered individuals is used as a weapon to demand further agenda-driven goals. This is not about protecting the individual dealing with gender identity; it is about redefining gender entirely to suit the current liberal preference. By recognizing the absurdity and rational difficulty with this demand we are labled “Transphobic” and “Cissexist.”

The use of the word “transphobic” means I’ll have to add yet another question to our usual paraphilia of the day list.

Here are the promised links. Get ready, folks, because even more craziness is upon us.

The Transgender Tipping Point (This is from Time magazine! Okay, maybe that exclamation point is unwarranted. Time has been a bit loopy for quite a while. Here’s their subtitle: “Nearly a year after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, another social movement is poised to challenge deeply held cultural beliefs.”)

Why I finally let my son buy a dress: Father’s moving story about coming to terms with his five-year-old’s true identity

‘When the family dies I will cut my hair so I can be a boy’: Parents share their story of having a transgender daughter and how they let her change gender aged just FIVE (One friend had this to say about the article: “No rational logic, just emotional persuasion.”)