Parents agree: School choice works

Unsurprising good news from OneNewsNow:

A recent poll shows that public support for school choice — including vouchers, education savings accounts and online learning — has reached an all-time high.

The PDK/Gallup poll shows that demand for school choice is increasing because parents are more aware of the opportunities it presents. Plus, Lindsey Burke of The Heritage Foundation says recent SAT data shows public schools are failing to adequately teach kids — adding urgency to the need for school choice.

Burke, Lindsey”We have polling now that shows such an increase in support for school choice. Forty-four percent of respondents that Gallup polled earlier this [year] said that they were in favor of school choice, of allowing public dollars to follow children to a private school of their choice,” Burke relays. “Forty-four percent — that’s a ten-percentage point increase in just one year.”

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