Post Labor Day: Is Topinka running as a Republican yet?

We picked up a radio show this past Sunday evening and heard one of the most tepid half-hearted endorsements of Topinka’s Chicago casino plan that’s been given to date. What’s amazing is that it came from one of the candidates on the Republican statewide ticket.It went something like this: “It’s not the greatest plan in the world but she (Topinka) didn’t have a lot of options.”

If that’s what Topinka’s ticket-mates are saying, we can assume the enthusiasm for greatly expanding gambling in Illinois isn’t what Judy and her crew hoped it would be (that is, outside of gambling addicts and casino investors).

Word is, too, that President of the State Senate Emil Jones isn’t exactly bubbling over with joy at the Topinka plan either. Could it be Judy’s skills at making deals with Democrats is waning?

With Labor Day 2006 officially history, we’re now expecting to hear the real plans from Topinka. We are supposing that since Topinka didn’t think anyone was paying attention before Labor Day, she was just sending out trial balloons. Enough of the silliness. Now she’ll get serious.

After all, are Illinois voters really supposed to believe that the Republican candidate for governor’s plan consists primarily of expanding corporate welfare, throwing billions more at the public schools, and putting a casino in Chicago? We don’t believe it. Good thing no one was paying attention.

Now that vacations are over and Judy has the rapt attention of the Illinois electorate, Judy will start to run as a real Republican. We expect she’ll finally be announcing a few plans based on the principles contained within the Republican platform. Of course we’re not serious on this point.


Lastly, in all seriousness, the Topinka campaign is telling its really close friends that they’re doing a TV ad time buy this month. Is it just us – or does the timing strike anyone as having something to do with George Ryan’s sentencing?