Psychiatrist States the Obvious: “Chaz” Bono is Not a Man

Dispatches recommended by Laurie Higgins:

Here’s a surefire way for unmooring society from morality: attach the word “phobia” to any moral proposition you don’t like and voila this moral proposition becomes a neurosis or worse, hatred. This explains the ubiquity of the demagogic term “homophobia” and its equally manipulative stepchild “transphobia.” Rumor has it that it was the charge of “transphobia” leveled at psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow by the caterwauling of sexual anarchists that resulted in his first article about Chastity Bono being pulled from the Fox News website shortly after it was posted.

Fortunately, Dr. Ablow is not that easily intimidated. He has written another must-read article that we are republishing here because it’s not only wise but critically important.

He asserts what shouldn’t need assertion, which is that Chastity Bono is not a man, and that children should not watch this season’s Dancing with the Stars because Chastity Bono will be dancing (in her male costume, of course).

From Ablow’s commonsense claim that Chastity Bono is not a man has come the usual paroxysms of outrage, but which proposition is more absurd: Is it more absurd to believe that Chastity Bono suffers from a serious psychological disorder or to believe that Chastity Bono is objectively a man born in a woman’s body and that an elective mastectomy and hormone-doping will make her body match her objectively real self–which resides in her mind?

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