Psychologist teaches mainstream Americans how to beat liberals at their own game

Daily CallerHere’s another good interview by Ginni Thomas. This is how the Daily Caller begins their intro:

For Dr. Timothy Daughtry, a clinical psychologist who has co-authored a book for mainstream Americans, too many citizens think they have done their civic duty if they show up to vote and return to their normal lives.

To Daughtry, they are “like summer tourists in politics,” whereas the progressives are like the “locals.”

“We’ve got to get active now or we are going to lose this republic,” Daughtry says. The danger is, he says, that “our country is being taken away from us right under our very noses.”

I haven’t read his book, but here are a few topics they cover in this two part video (several of which will be familiar for those who’ve read about the information war on this site)…they discuss:

  • …The two major political strategies — Liberals use “immersion” – VERSUS – Conservatives use the “mind your own business” approach (which is not a political strategy).
  • …The work needed to train and equip the new grassroots movement to be effective.
  • …How the left took over the cultural institutions that control the narrative.
  • …Why Judeo-Christian morality is a barrier to socialism.
  • …How political messages are even embedded in situation comedies.
  • …That we have to do things differently — the fact that we’ve lost so much ground is proof that what we’re doing hasn’t been working.
  • …That we have to change our mindset and not just “visit” politics by voting but rather engage in it.
  • …That politics is about controlling the narrative — the discussion of political issues.
  • …That we can’t win only being on defense. We need to be on offense promoting liberty.