Radogno and Cross to lead General Assembly Republicans to new depths

While other websites and conservative leaning organizations have wavered over the years and have adopted the Rodney King “can’t we all just get along” strategy when it came to elected ”Republicans in Name Only,” some of us held the line.

We warned about a pro-abort/pro-”gay rights” Judy Baar Topinka nomination in the 2006 primary — her pathetic inability to even get 40% in the general election proved us right.

We warned the General Assembly house and senate caucuses about the consequences of not having a message of reform. Without that message, senate leader Frank Watson’s group lost enough seats in the fall of ’06 to give the Democrats a veto-proof majority, and we were proven right again.

We’ve been warning about the feckless and visionless leadership on the house side as well, and they just lost more seats earlier this month. Did they learn from it and pitch out Tom Cross and Skippy Saviano from the leadership ranks? Nope.

We’ve been firing off warning flares and showing what’s needed when it comes to Party reform — beginning with the need to reinstitute direct elections. With the elevation of Christine Radogno to the senate caucus leadership, we couldn’t be more right even if we tried.

What’s the connection? Well, for those Illinois political activists who’d like to someday see a better class of people elected, the avenue for doing that isn’t some silly third party or non-party fantasy effort. It’s to retake control of the Illinois Republican Party from the people who are responsible for giving us President Barack Obama.

A revitalized and invigorated state GOP is the only way to get from where we are to where we need to be.

One newspaper referred to Radogno as a state fiscal expert. We’ve seen no sign of that. And even if she was, the society that is being created when abortion on demand damages the souls of thousands of men and women on a daily basis will never balance its books.

And if we have political leaders who don’t even understand that how a person decides to have sex is called “behavior” (and not the equivalent of race or gender), don’t expect them to be able to successfully understand how to force changes in the behavior of the taxeating behemoth.

A renewed Republican Party is the path to a renaissance in Illinois. Rank and file Republicans who don’t think things can get worse, read the newspaper this morning. To match the Obama-Pelosi-Reid fiasco in Washington, D.C., we now have the McKenna-Cross-Radogno disaster here in Illinois.

It’s time to step up, folks. If you don’t, you’re going to continue to get the kind of GOP leadership that doesn’t advance the platform principles.