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A lot of Americans don’t understand — or don’t want to admit — that they get their news and information mostly from sources that exist for the express purpose of furthering a left-wing narrative and ignorance.

Ever heard of low information voters? Some of them stay that way even though they “pay attention to the news.” The problem is they tune into places like MSNBC, the other network news reports (radio or TV), most of the print media, and websites like Yahoo News, Google News, AOL News, or the Huffington Post. Those outlets toe the line and rarely waver from distributing the “news” filtered through a left-wing prism.

Another thing a lot of our fellow citizens either don’t want to admit or are unaware of is, a great deal of their understanding of the world is shaped via pop culture propaganda and outright lies, rather than the facts.

One of my favorite examples from recent history is “Bush lied, people died.” The problem is, Bush didn’t lie. We found WMDs in Iraq. How come most people don’t know that? That’s my point. Heck, in this case, even the very liberal and often dishonest New York Times did some reporting on the story. (To read more, here are some articles you might want to check out.)

So where do I recommend that people get their news and information? The Fox News Channel? Absolutely not. I rarely watch Fox. Sure, they do some fine reporting, but increasingly the behavior of that network mirrors the rest of the media. Fox, like all the rest, refuses to cover the news and facts that fly against the narrative being pushed by the corporate owners or managing editors. Fair and balanced? Sometimes.

Here are just some of the places I get news and information…there are a lot more links to add…and I will continue to lengthen this list in the coming weeks.

First up, since President Donald J. Trump is the focus of so much of the media, here are items of recommended reading from the White House: West Wing Reads.

Second,President Donald J. Trump’s website keeping track of “promises made, promises kept”: Making America Great Again —

Third, here is a great resource for news about the growing worldwide persecution of Christians that the American dominant media mostly ignore: The Gatestone Institute — Writings by Topic: Persecution of Christians.

Fourth, a terrific humorous website: Babylon Bee.

Fifth, the rest…


Citizen Free Press

The Liberty Daily

The Bongino Report

The Daily Signal

The Daily Signal YouTube Page

Daily Caller News Foundation

The Daily Caller

Sharyl Attkisson

John Solomon Reports

Life Site News

Life News

CNS News

One News Now

Western Journalism


Media Research Center

MRC Culture

MRC Business

MRC News Busters

U.S. Defense Watch

Washington Times


Patriot Post

The Daily Wire

The Lid

The Federalist Papers

Links to the David Horowitz Freedom Center Websites

PJ Media

Michelle Malkin

Summit News

U.S. Debt Clock


Republican News Watch


McHenry County Blog

Illinois Family Institute

Illinois Family Action

The Center Square

Illinois Review


American Thinker

American Greatness

National Economics Editorial

The Federalist

Victor Davis Hanson

The Security and Culture Intelligencer

Amy Contrada

Mark Steyn

Wayne Allyn Root

Frontpage Mag

Jihad Watch

Jamie Glazov

Christians in Pakistan

What Makes Islam So Different?


Galen Institute

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality

Truth in Accounting

Taxpayers United of America

Tax Foundation

Liberty Counsel


The Heritage Foundation

Insider Online

Hillsdale College’s Imprimis

Foundation for Economic Education

Illinois Policy Institute

Freedom’s Journal Institute

State Policy Network

Pioneer Institute

American Legislative Exchange Council

American Minute

Prager University

Job Creators Network

Wall Builders

Judicial Watch

Videos from The Center for Freedom and Prosperity

Public Discourse

Open the Books

The Essential Liberty Project

Discover the Networks


International Religious Freedom Congressional Scorecard

American Minute (History, Education, Religion, and Politics)