Republicans Miss the Point on ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Debate

Scott Rasmussen doesn’t quite get it but says a few things in this linked post that actually bump up against the truth. Republicans never have been in the game. And of course by the logic of “most voters don’t care about limited government,” the GOP should drop the economic issues too.

Friends, we’re surrounded by idiots.

President Obama is winning the messaging wars in the “fiscal cliff” debate largely because Republicans aren’t even in the game.

The GOP leadership in Washington keeps talking as if the issue is deficit reduction, while the president is talking about fairness.


[T]he president has the upper hand politically, and voters see him as more willing to negotiate in good faith.


For Republicans to succeed, they need to recognize that most voters don’t care about limited government. But voters care deeply about the type of society a limited government makes possible.

Applying that logic to the current debate over the fiscal cliff, Republicans in Washington need to recognize that few voters believe this is a serious debate about deficit reduction. The president has made it instead a debate about fairness, and they need to respond on that level.

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