Republicans Want a Better Life for You that Democrats Can’t Stand

From Diana Furchtgott-Roth:

6 ways Republicans want to help Americans prosper

With the publication of the House and Senate budget resolutions this week, the contrast between Republicans and Democrats could not be more stark.

Democrats want to take care of you. Republicans want you to get ahead.

It is not just that President Obama’s budget, released in February, projects an $687 billion deficit in 2025, up from $486 billion this year, and the Republican budget projects a surplus. It’s that Democratic proposals are centered on keeping people safe, and Republican proposals are focused on helping them get better jobs and higher incomes.

Democrats are telling us that they gave us Obamacare for 11 million and food stamps for 47 million.  They want to give us paid sick leave and maternity leave. They want to raise the minimum wage. They certainly won’t make us retire later or cut our Social Security benefits, even though Social Security is unsustainable.

Bottom line: Democrats are here for us when we are down. They are our safety net. In return for a higher chunk of our paychecks, and higher health insurance premiums, they will look after us.

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