Revealed: Big Brother Is a Homosexual Activist

From Bill Muehlenberg at Culture Watch:

We long have wondered how the ultimate police state would unfold, and how an antiChrist sort of dictatorship would eventuate. Well, I think we are starting to get a pretty good idea about all this. Today the most likely candidate of this in the West is undoubtedly the militant homosexual lobby.

Whenever we find various freedoms and rights being taken away from ordinary citizens in the West, we can more often than not count on the homosexual brigade to be involved. As they demand special rights for themselves, they are happy to strip away the rights of everyone else.

My new book Dangerous Relations offers 165 examples from just over a two-year period of people being negatively impacted by the radical homosexual movement. For daring to oppose it, even in the most benign fashion, people are being jailed, fined, and losing their jobs.

This is happening on a regular basis now. Simply to say that marriage is between a man and a woman can result in a person being kicked out of his job or slapped with a heavy fine. This tells us just how far the homosexual lobby has progressed, and how far the rest of us have regressed.

And since the homosexual militants have long made known their aims to challenge the Christian churches especially, it is no surprise to see the Christian faith coming under increasing attack. Indeed, all this is not unexpected. Any recent coercive movement seeking dominance has always had to target the churches.

In the past century, for example, whenever totalitarian regimes took power, the normal practice was to shut down churches, to destroy churches, or at least closely monitor and control the churches. Even sermons were monitored, with only state approved ones allowed to be delivered.

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