Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch appropriately ridicules Obama’s Mideast policy

Two funny/not funny posts from Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch:

Obama compares Israel/”Palestinian” conflict to U.S./Canada relationship


He’s got a point. Turn on Canadian TV anytime, and you’re liable to see some fanatical Church of Canada preacher preaching a fiery sermon about how all Canadians must pray and work for America’s destruction, and how Canadian mothers should thank God for their children who get killed while in the process of murdering Americans. Just think about all those Canadians who throw rocks at U.S. border guards, blow themselves up at border checkpoints, and talk about how from Seattle to Key West, Canada will be free.

Got to hand it to Barack Obama. He’s an analyst of unusual acuity. We are so lucky to have him as President.

And the headline here is nicely done:

Obama tells “Palestinians” to cut out the genocidal jihadist rhetoric and rocket attacks — no, wait…

Actually, he pretended that they have already done that. He spent his time hectoring the only side that really wants peace as if it were the only obstacle to that peace, and called upon it to take steps that would seriously imperil its survival. “Obama tells Israel: ‘Peace is the only path to true security,'” by Stephanie Condon for CBS News, March 21:

Speaking before a lively and receptive crowd of 600 Israeli students, President Obama today urged the youth of Israel to accept “the realization of an independent and viable Palestine.” A two-state solution, the president suggested, is the only viable path forward for Israel, given the political and technological changes underway.

“Peace is necessary. I believe that,” Mr. Obama said, speaking at the Jerusalem International Convention Center on his second day in Israel. “I believe that peace is the only path to true security. You have the opportunity to be the generation that permanently secures the Zionist dream, or you can face a growing challenge to its future.”

Yes, creating a new base for jihad attacks against Israel will certainly secure the Zionist dream.

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