Run for the border: The Russia probe is over

This is funny — and true — the media runs for the border! Here is Jason Morgan:

What happened to Russia?

Until a week ago, the feverish conspiracy theorists whom some people still call “journalists” were in full florid mode, spitballing fragment after fragment of rumor, innuendo, and half-truth to support the wild notion that Vladimir Putin somehow handed Donald Trump the presidency on a silver platter. (That the American press, which now yelps endlessly about this Kremlin-Trump Tower collusion, was apparently purblind to all of it during the run-up to the election, is a tacit admission of its own journalistic incompetence. But the reporters don’t notice this, either.) Our national pastime for these past two years has been watching this diseased obsession consume the minds of the press corps. At any moment, the Post and the Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN all breathlessly repeated that the Mueller investigation is going to uncover the evidence linking Trump to Russia beyond all doubt.

And then the DOJ inspector general report came out. Even in this watered down swamp document, one finds damning proof that the real conspiracy was not the Russians throwing the election, but the Deep State quarrying the president. To the surprise of no one, Washington, D.C., is filled with sanctimonious bureaucrats and thoroughly corrupt officials who truly believe that their feelings do, and ought to, carry the force of law. The I.G. report joins a long list of other reports over the years that make clear that James Comey, Peter Stzrok, Lisa Page, James Clapper, John Brennan, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, Loretta Lynch, Samantha Power, Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton, Paul Combetta, Bill Clinton, Susan Rice, and a host of other progressive evangelists – just about everyone in government, it is safe to say – have turned the nation’s capital into a national Tammany Hall. Democracy does not die in darkness; it was drowned in the Potomac by scheming Democrats.

No sooner had it become impossible to deny that the Mueller witch hunt was a run-of-the-mill D.C. hit job than the national media obsession swung around like a weathervane in a typhoon to point to – you guessed it – Mexico.

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