Rush Limbaugh Goes All-In in the Culture War

Here’s Rush discussing the Bruce (“Caitlyn”) Jenner story this week:

It’s a freak show, folks. It’s a freak show.

It sure is, Rush, it sure is. Websites like this one have been chronicling that fact for a long time.

Don’t let my title make you think I’m chiding Rush Limbaugh one bit or accusing him of being late to the fight. He’s the only person since Ronald Reagan to actually understand and fully engage in the information war in a macro, rather than micro, capacity. Over the years, though, I’ve sensed a hesitation on Rush’s part to go all-in when it came to discussing the homoerotic cultural revolution (as Laurie Higgins calls it). Since the early 1990s I have heard Rush boldly discuss the abortion issue, but like all normal people, he appeared to want little to do with most other manifestations of the sexual revolution in the political arena.

There is no doubt I might have missed times when he has punched hard, but up until Monday he has seemed to me, anyway, to be pulling his punches when it comes to the insanity that is the LGBT agenda. That ended a couple of days ago.

The transcripts following his June 2nd and June 3rd’s show reveal that Rush Limbaugh probably isn’t going to let this particular leftwing insanity go fully unanswered any longer.

As I keep saying, it’s all connected — you don’t get to separate the letters L—G—B— and we’re only now arriving at the T. You want homosexual “marriage”? You’re going to get everything that follows. It’s all attached — and it’s going to keep getting weirder until the adults in the country stand together and state that a person shouldn’t be defined by their biological or mental urges.

Here are the titles of, and excerpts from, three posts at It would have been easy to make them longer, but I hope instead that you click on the links following each and read them in full — Rush is at his typical best. The first two are from Wednesday, the third is from Tuesday.

The Trashing of America

Practically every story today in the Stack of Stuff, practically every one is a chronicle of how liberalism is destroying our country. Practically every story. And if it’s not every one, it’s practically every one. Maybe one or two in here that are upbeat, inspiring, but the rest of it is simply a daily chronicle of the descent to garbage and trash that is happening to our country.

Try this. This is from the Minneapolis Star Tribune. This not some flaky penny savior publication in Minneapolis. This is the primary newspaper. “Mpls. Private School Takes Students to Adult Novelty Store for Sex Ed Lesson.”

Imagine you’re a parent, you live in Minneapolis, it’s a private school you send your kids to because it’s so polluted and disgusting in the public school. So you’re spending additional money to send your child to a private school in Minneapolis and then you find out that the leader of the private school took your kid — this is school for 11, 12, and 13-year-olds — took your son or daughter on a sex education field trip to an adult novelty store. It happened late last week.

“Lynn Floyd, whose 11- and 13-year-old daughters were part of the outing to the Smitten Kitten.” That’s the name of the adult store. “It’s just a major breach of trust. You just can’t erase those images.” She means the little kids going to the sex store and what they see will be indwelled on their minds forever.

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Jenner Declares: I’m the New Normal!

RUSH: I want to go back to something I said yesterday about the new normals, and when I finished saying this, I said, “This is fundamentally… You all need to understand this business. As we are being told what the new normal is and how we’d better accept the new normal, and the new normal is defined as the people who make up 1.8% of the American population…”

Do you know what the transgender population of the country is, by the way? The gay population’s 1.8%, and we are supposed to sit by and say, “That’s the new normal,” and we’re supposed to blindly accept it. “That’s the new normal.” But the other side of it is, who are the new weirdos? If there’s a new normal, it means there have to be new weirdos and the point of claiming that minorities like this are the new normal is that we — predominantly the Christian majority in this country — these people are the weirdos.

Transgenderism is the new normal. Right. It’s so normal, Bruce Jenner had 10 operations on his face to try to make it look more feminine. That’s really normal, right? Sorry, folks, you can’t change that. You can’t change gender. You can pretend that you are and you can go through all the motions, but, sorry, it literally can’t be done. But try telling that to the American pop culture today and you’re gonna get nowhere. That’s discriminatory. That’s hurtful. You can’t say that.

I know I can’t say it. It happens to be the literal truth. You can’t change your gender. Chromosomes are what they are. You can’t change it. All you can do is artificially mock it up, but you can’t change it. But I know there’s no win going there. It’s one of those many self-evident truths that have been obliterated now and blown to smithereens, making them wide open for redefinitions to what anybody wants them to be.

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With New Normals Come New Weirdos

By the way, folks, one of the motivations, one of the reasons — purposes, if you will — of defining a new normal is also defining the new weirdos. When society’s norms come under assault and attack as discriminatory, mean-spirited, bigoted, racist, homophobic, sexist, misogynist, whatever — when those norms come under assault as rooted in those characteristics and new norms are sought and desired — the new norms now will consist of homosexuality and transgenderism and different definition of marriage and what have you.

One of the purposes of doing that is to also redefine the new weirdos, and who do you think the new weirdos are? I don’t think there is any doubt that this is a studied attempt. At least from those that are doing all of this with a political agenda attached, the objective here — and it’s not new. It’s been happening for quite a while right in front of our eyes. It is to portray conservatives/Christians/Republicans as the real weirdos.

“They’re the real oddballs! They are the ones! They’re the ones that are not cool. I mean, they’re antiques. They’re from a long-gone era that has long ago been bypassed. They’re just relics, and they’ve got to be just phased out.” I think that is, in large part, one of the objectives as well as to redefine not just the new normals, but the new weirdos.

[W]ait ’til you here what transable is…

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I have been listening to Rush Limbaugh’s show (when I can) for almost twenty-five years — and for the first time ever, this week I heard him allow a caller to do what amounted to a comedy routine on-air. Countless times I’ve heard him say that it’s best to leave the comedy to the trained broadcast professionals. Here’s that transcript: 38-Year-Old Dittohead Comes Out on Air. Oh, and by the way, the caller is a Caucasian man coming out as an African-American. Rush willingly played the straight man (no pun intended) all the way through.

Rush also said during the June 2nd show, “Where do you draw the line here?” And, “There has to be a limit on this.” And, “I think this has long gotten out of control, folks…” and readers have known this for a very long time.

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