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Rush Limbaugh: Look At All These Ways The Left’s Imploding

Notice the hysteria lately? The Left is imploding. Here is James Barrett writing at The Daily Wire:

The media, Hillary Clinton, Hollywood, the NFL, the real “Russia collusion” story …

The “Doctor of Democracy,” Rush Limbaugh, had yet more fun at the Left’s expense in a segment Tuesday in which he walked through all of the ways “a lot of leftist things” are “imploding.” Not only is Hollywood in a state of absolute chaos amid a flood of sexual harassment and assault allegations, noted Limbaugh, the former Paper of Record, the former First Lady, the formerly invulnerable NFL, and Obama’s destined-to-be-former signature piece of legislation, are all on the ropes.

“Folks, if you look at things the right way, if you look at things in the right perspective — and I do — if you look at things entirely differently than the daily soap opera presented by the Drive-By Media, there are some things happening out there that are inescapably conclusive,” said Limbaugh. “And those things add up to a lot of leftist things imploding!”

Limbaugh first highlighted The New York Times, which is in “some trouble” on account of the latest sting operation by James O’Keefe, who managed to catch a key editor “proving what we already have known about The New York Times“: it deliberately slants left in order to sell more subscriptions. “They even admit that they were failing until Trump got elected,” said Limbaugh. “Now their subscriptions are up because their subscribers need a daily dose of hate for Trump. So Trump has bailed out the failing New York Times. On their own, they would be in big trouble.”

As for Hillary Clinton, Limbaugh describes her continuing blame tour as getting downright embarrassing. “This is getting embarrassing, what this woman is saying and doing?” he asked. “I mean, I’m not to the point of being uncomfortable talking about it, but there’s something seriously wrong here. And whatever it is, she is imploding and refusing to go away.”

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