‘Same-sex unions’ called ‘destructive’

WNDFrom World Net Daily:

More than 80 non-governmental organizations and experts have endorsed a statement that describes alternatives to a husband-and-wife family, “particularly … same-sex unions” as “socially destructive.”

“We are convinced that the natural family, marriage, and birth and rearing of children are inseparably linked to each other. Artificial separation of the birth and rearing of children from the natural family, family life, and marriage violates the genuine rights of the child and leads to the destruction of any society.”

The powerful statement in support of the traditional family comes from more than 80 NGOs and experts who assembled in St. Petersburg, Russia, recently for a series of public hearings to address concerns about a draft recommendation offered by the Council of Europe on children’s and parental rights.

According to officials with the Home School Legal Defense Association, who monitor such statements on the important issue of the definition of family, the result of the meeting was to raise a concern about the “destructive tendencies” of the document “which purported to create policy on the rights and legal status of children and parental responsibilities.

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