Schools: Declare Independence from Teachers’ Unions

Here is Linda Harvey writing at BarbWire:

As the sexually obsessed National Education Association wrapped up its annual convention last week, many of us realized it’s high time for every American school to file for divorce.

The nation’s largest union is ruining our schools and our country, and corrupting the next generation.

The NEA and its state affiliates march in lock-step with Obama’s school agenda to usher cross-dressing students into opposite-sex facilities, while celebrating homosexual deviance among students and teachers.

At the most recent NEA national meeting, the extremism escalated. Teachers were strongly encouraged to sign pledges of support for “LGBTQ” students. In other words, they are to encourage and defend unnatural, deviant behavior in vulnerable minor children.

And any Christian teacher who signs such a pledge is taking a vow to support sinful behavior in children. Do we really think the Lord would go along with this, ever?

These are the representatives of our country’s teachers. Can someone please stop this train wreck?

At this year’s Representative Assembly, the NEA’s featured speaker on July 5 was Hillary Clinton. The union has endorsed her for president, and she told the delegates, “I’m with you.” If she is elected, America will witness accelerated union destruction of local schools as she advances the harmful NEA agenda.

And with the union’s millions of compulsory teacher-dues dollars and army of liberal volunteers, corrupt Hillary’s chances of election increase.

Keep that in mind as you review NEA’s numerous policies that support homosexuality, bisexuality, gender deviancy and abortion. Here is an overview of the 2015 NEA decisions .

This year, the NEA joined the Obama administration in active opposition to religious freedom. The union’s New Business Item A, which passed with overwhelming support, stands firmly opposed to North Carolina’s HB 2 and Mississippi’s HB 1523, both supporting gender integrity according to biological sex and allowing religious freedom. The union calls on the Department of Education to “enforce” Title IX law according to Obama’s flawed interpretation, allowing men to pose as females.

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