Social-Media Sites are Growing Increasingly Comfortable with Censorship

The left can’t compete in the debate over the issues — so to win, they must shut down the opposition. When they own all the pipelines for information to flow (because of our side’s failure in the information war), it’s easy for them to increase censorship so those who disagree with them are silenced.

Here are two articles on the topic:

You’ve Been Restricted
Social-media sites are growing increasingly comfortable with censorship.
By Aaron M. Renn

It’s long been known that social-media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (owned by Google) delete significant amounts of user-posted content. Some of what gets removed is in clear violation of legitimate standards governing pornography and pirated content. But a lot of what gets pulled down is neither offensive nor illegal. Rather, it’s content whose message these platforms disagree with.

The practice has affected a lot of conservatives—like Milo Yiannopoulos, banned for life from Twitter—but is hardly limited to them. Even hardcore leftist feminist groups have fallen afoul of the corporate censors. Facebook wouldn’t allow a blogger to promote her Facebook post about the history of menstrual products and banned a photo featuring a plus-sized model for a body positivity event. In many such cases, content is removed by over-zealous algorithms or malicious reporting of posts as abusive. Public complaint is often enough to force a platform to restore deleted posts or accounts. Recently, however, the social media giants have begun refusing to reverse their censorious decisions, even in the face of significant bad press.

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Censorship: ABC Still Clueless on Clinton Foundation Investigation, CBS and NBC Dismiss It
By Nicholas Fondacaro

A solid 24 hours after Fox News reported the massive bombshell that the FBI was pursuing a criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation, the liberal “Big Three” networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) were scrambling to defend Clinton Thursday evening. While failing to report the news at all that same morning, CBS and NBC claimed that it was a crazy lie Donald Trump was telling his supporters, while ABC and the Spanish-language networks censored the story entirely.

Instead of reporting on the bombshell news, ABC’s World News Tonight dedicated an over 4 minute long puff piece to touting the efforts of Clinton’s campaign and glorifying her campaign surrogates.

Today in Jacksonville, falsely alleging Clinton is under criminal investigation for the Clinton Foundation,” declared reporter Katy Tur in regards to a Trump rally, on NBC Nightly News. She tried to downplay the investigation as old news, stating, “A senior law enforcement official tells NBC News after an initial look, the case has not moved an inch in months.

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