Syria: Commentator cautions support for rebels

There are people on both sides of this debate that I respect, but for now I’m siding with Daniel Pipes…


Daniel Pipes, founder and president of U.S. think tank, Middle East Forum says it is a mistake for western countries to directly intervene in the Syrian conflict.

An academic who’s taught at Harvard and Princeton Universities, as well as the U.S. Naval College, Dr. Pipes says the Assad regime is nearing its end but there’s no guarantee that groups perceived as being former regime loyalists will not suffer violent reprisals at the hands of forces aligned to the Free Syrian Army.

His comments come as unverified video is released showing the bodies of Assad regime employees being thrown off the top of a government building while a large group of rebel fighters and supporters cheer and shout out anti-Assad slogans.

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Also, he’s an op ed he’s written on the topic:

Wait Out the War in Syria