Tampons in Boys’ Bathrooms in Illinois Public Schools

By Laurie Higgins:

A sure sign that leftist lawmakers in Springfield are obsessively driven by the desire to use government money and power to advance an absurd, science-denying ideology is House Bill 922 sponsored by State Representative Linda Chapa LaVia (D-Aurora) that, if passed, will require every public middle and high school in the state to make tampons and sanitary napkins available for free in every boys’ bathroom.

You read that right. Every middle and high school in the state will have to add feminine hygiene dispensers to every boys’ restroom for all the menstruating boys. #AnotherUnfundedMandate.

“What ho?!” you may be exclaiming if you’ve been sequestered in a cloistered world in which science still appertains. Surely—you think—teachers know that boys don’t menstruate!

Oh, you naïve, antiquated, science-loving peeps. We’ve left modernity and post-modernity behind. We’ve even left “truthiness” behind.

We’ve now entered the post-science, post-rationality, post-truth era where pseudoscience—aided and abetted by Big Brother and his ugly twin Big “Trans”—in the service of absolute autonomy, amorality, and pagan sexuality reign—and destroy.

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