That Clever Mr. Trump

Here is James Lewis writing at American Thinker: “After eight years of Obama, we need a period of healing. I still like Ted Cruz, but Donald Trump is a lot better than the Other Party.” Here are Lewis’ opening paragraphs:

Donald Trump is a vulgarian. Trump is a winner. Trump is not a real conservative. Trump is this, that, or the other thing. Everybody has an opinion.

I have to start by confessing that I like Ted Cruz as a principled conservative. Trump is more like Winston Churchill’s line about Russia: He’s a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Everybody talks about Trump, but nobody knows what he believes.

Let’s look at his actions so far. Forget his words.

The first big fact is that we’re talking about Trump at all, among an exceptionally good field of GOP candidates – much better than Bob Dole and John McCain. Almost any of our runners is better than the Hillary-Bernie socialist throwback team. Hillary could be indicted soon – not saying she will be, but the evidence keeps piling up for culpable and extremely dangerous violations of national security in her State Department. The words “espionage,” “massive bribery,” and “sabotage in time of war” might leap into the headlines any day now.

The second major fact is that Trump keeps defeating the Party Line cartel. Trump’s daily jiu-jitsu blows against the media are unprecedented in recent decades, ever since the P.C. police took over.

That is a big achievement by itself, because Trump’s big mouth is making it possible for millions of Americans to speak their minds honestly for the first time in many years. Big, big news.

Every other GOP candidate has had to kowtow to Obama’s Marxist-Leninist style of governance. The nuclear surrender to Iran is just another betrayal by the most radical and destructive president in history. Our weak response to ISIS is another one. Even the Russians are shocked by Obamanism, and by its European cousin, Merkelism, which is leading Europe to voluntary suicide.

The West is in unprecedented trouble, and the Republican Party is too scared to even look over the parapet. Even the speaker of the House has grown a jihad-chic beard.

Well, Trump isn’t scared. Whatever else he may be, he is not easily intimidated.

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