The 5 Most Egregious Myths About Conservatism

Excerpts from a post by Lee Edwards at The Daily Signal — first, his intro, then his list (without the paragraphs following each), then his conclusion:

When it has nothing else to do, the liberal establishment will dip into its bulging bag of clichés and declare that this time, absolutely, positively, without any doubt, the conservative movement is done. And once again it becomes the duty of right-thinking analysts to stand up and firmly say, “Poppycock!”

1. The conservative movement is cracking up.

2. The conservative philosophy is irrelevant and out of date.

3. The three-legged stool of social, economic and national security conservatism is breaking down.

4. The tea party is toxic for conservatism.

5. Conservatism is headed for the ash heap of history unless it makes major changes in its philosophy and politics.

America has always been a center-right nation, accepting of change so long as it is gradual and not radical, which explains in large measure the continuing rejection of Obamacare. Most Americans take their lead from the American and not the French Revolution.

As Goldwater put it, conservative principles have little to do with “the social, economic and political landscape that changes from decade to decade and from century to century” and everything to do with man’s nature and his God. The problems confronting us may change, but the principles guiding the answers do not. The challenge before us is not to find new truths but to apply proven truths to the present-day problems of our world.

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