The Affordable Care Act Doesn’t Go That Way

Sheldon Richman’s latest post at the Future of Freedom Foundation opens with these kind and gentle words, and then he gets right down to reality:

Let’s stipulate that most people who favor the [Afordable Care Act] have honorable intentions: they want everyone, including people in ill health, to have access to good and affordable medical care. All decent people should want that. (How many favor it merely because it builds up government power and takes money from the well and well-heeled? I suspect it’s the same number as those who oppose it out of a dislike of the poor and ill. Of course politicians who favor the ACA undoubtedly find that it lines up nicely with their political interests.)

The problem is that in making government policy, unmovable obstacles often stand between motives and desired results. The laws of economics and politics thwart the best intentions. Sheer will is not enough to overcome these obstacles, because they are implicit in the logical structure of human action.

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