The Broken President’s Broken Politics

Townhall3From John Ransom:

Being president was always easy for Barack Obama.

That is, it was easy up until the time he actually was elected president. Then things got a little tougher.

In part, Obama’s troubles stem from the rigidity of his broken ideas. They admit of no compromise. Consequently, he has subsumed his whole personality into an unworkable ideology that was dead outside of academia- and news rooms- until he resurrected it.

It’s the idea that a benign government of technocrats and academics can engineer near perfect justice at the trivial cost of liberty to most.

His life and presidency can only be understood by recognizing this Obama idée fixe goes beyond merely his ideology and merges into that of his personality. Because only when one realizes that he personally identifies with his ideology in the same way that he identifies himself as a father or husband, can one finally understand how tightly he clings to it.

It’s an ideology that he clings to, like some do guns and religion, despite a century of abject failure when implemented- as his own disastrous record as president shows on a fairly small scale.

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