The Cruel Joke of Reparations

By Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.):

The absurd call of reparations for slavery is being revived by desperados who hope to get the Democrat nomination for president. If a Democrat doesn’t agree with the call for reparations, they know they will not get the nomination. Therefore, every candidate has to play along, flaunting their racial sensitivity in an attempt to get the black vote. No one can secure the Democrat nomination without the black vote, and thus this subject is resurrected every four years.

This reparations scam is a cruel joke perpetrated on a community of people by suggesting free money might be coming. None of these Democrats can explain how this would be accomplished, who specifically will receive payment and how much. These race hustlers know they don’t have to bother with details on something they know will never happen. Just making the claim gets your book stamped by the NAACP.

Nothing energizes the black electorate more than by teasing them about reparations for slavery. These race pimps know that many unsuspecting black people who don’t see this con job are caught up in the politics being played by them and believe they might get free money. However, after the presidential primary election cycle ends, the idea of reparations gets put away in the closet for another four years—just long enough for everyone to forget and then get hoodwinked at the next presidential primary.

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