The Culture War and the Information War Cannot be Separated

There are many on the political right in this country that still cannot grasp what the cultural/sexual revolution are all about. It is not just being waged by people who want to feel better about how they want to have sex (conscience, like facts, can be a stubborn thing). The real movers and shakers are the cultural Marxists that seek to undermine and finally do away with Judeo-Christian morality so they can then finally, and formally, do away with the U.S. Constitution.

Deana Chadwell has an article up at American Thinker titled “American Dichotomies” that is difficult to excerpt because it is so packed. Chadwell blogs at, and teaches writing and speech at Pacific Bible College.

Here is how she opens the piece:

Whether we’re dealing with congressional politics, religious diversity, or moral issues, it seems we end up in a morass so sludge-filled with sodden thinking that we make no progress. We slog along with phrases like “reach across the aisle,” or “your truth is not my truth,” or the always contextless “judge not that you be not judged.” No clear, fact-based, well-documented dichotomy allowed. You remember the media pounding on Bush 43 for his famous, “You are either with us or you’re against us.” That kind of clarity is now considered idiocy.

The left is assaulting the simplicity of essential dichotomies. These irreconcilable differences — good versus evil, man versus woman, truth versus lie, love versus hate, justice versus partiality, citizen versus alien, Democrat versus Republican — are binary arrangements as essential to the function of human society as 1s and 0s are to the operation of your computer.

The reason for this attack is easy to discern. Go back to the precepts celebrated by the Frankfurt School in the 20s and 30s. This “school” — an academic coterie aimed at figuring out how to apply the “lofty” ideas of Marx and Engels — recognized from the get-go that clear, rational, informed thinking was enemy #1.

If an idea is so rotten it can only bear bad fruit, the only way to sell it is to convince the buyer that putrefaction isn’t decay, that poison isn’t toxic, that stealing isn’t crime. Blur the edges of reality, call into doubt all foundational concepts, and their ramparts of strong logic and overwhelming evidence will collapse.

Why would anyone want to make society collapse? To gain control. It’s easier to steal a car that’s out of gas and missing a driver than it is to grab one whooshing down the freeway. It’s true that humans have a fairly high chaos tolerance (look at the LA freeways) but we have our limits and if things get too nutty, too packed with pandemonium, too dangerous, historically we’ve always opted for tyranny over turmoil.

Chadwell writes:

The demolition of the man/woman dichotomy is also a disaster. Why the push for transgender bathrooms? Why does Facebook list over 50 choices for gender on its profile page? Why the push for same-sex marriage? It’s all to blur another line. We can’t think, we can’t even speak clearly, since our language is geared to a man-woman dichotomy, without recognizing that difference.

Family is the first us-verses-them dichotomy; it is the most important defense mechanism man has. As the buffalo herds would form “fairy rings” around the calves when they felt threatened, so the family protects its young and therefore protects the entire human race from extinction. As families die out around the world, so does procreation, and when we quit reproducing, well…

Here is her close and recommendation — we must fight the information war:

How are we to pull out of this swampy thinking? How will we return to the clarity of our cultural dichotomies? Those of us who still see distinctions must speak, write, rattle cages; we must fight. After all, you are either for freedom or against it.

Read the entire article at American Thinker.

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