The Generation That Will End Abortion


Editor's note: A terrific article by Peter Heck titled “The Generation That Will End Abortion” posted earlier this month on the popular site American Thinker. In the early and mid 1990s abortion was seen as a losing political issue. Times have changed – and they can change when it comes to public opinion on other issues as well. Here are the opening paragraphs with a link to the entire piece.


The Generation That Will End Abortion

By Peter Heck


It's more than a feeling. Events that have unfolded the last several months have convinced me that this will be the generation that brings an end to the practice of legalized abortion in the United States. Historically speaking, our escape from this draconian and barbaric ritual of child killing was inevitable. Ours is a country that has always been engaged in a perpetual struggle to live up to the eternal truths of our founding creed: that all men are endowed by God with inalienable rights. 


In the dark moments of our past, we have experienced the betrayal of those timeless principles by the self-serving interests of a few. The same moral confusion that once paved the infamous Trail of Tears, supported the slave auction block and inspired the angry lynch mobs, now leads some to believe that they can choose to exterminate small, unplanned or inconvenient children. 


So what convinces me that we are arriving at our most recent point of deliverance? Several factors do. First, we are finally beginning to address the real issue of whether the infant in the womb is human or not. This has always been the only question that matters.